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Four process cutting machine
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Heavy Duty 4 Spindles CNC Production Line

Product features

鈼?This machine is a high-cost numerical control material opening center, artificial auxiliary feeding, automatic positioning, optimization of cutting, drilling, slotting in one, can be door molding sculpture, maximize the use of artificial efficiency, At the same time, the secondary bumping and damage of the plate caused by the manual blanking process are avoided.

鈼?Steel structure seamless welding tempering aging treatment, rigid, strong deformation.

鈼?This model uses a high-power brand of well-known motor performance, to ensure that the machine can be vigorously cut and open operations.

鈼咲ouble-track double-drive machine is a heavy-machining machine.

鈼哢sing vacuum adsorption table, it can absorb different sizes of plates, the smallest plate is 25mm wide.

鈼?Centralized automatic oil lubrication system to extend the service life of the machine.

鈼?The device is equipped with an automatic protection design, positioning cylinder is not closed, the equipment can not work, to avoid collision between the spindle tool and the positioning cylinder, so as to avoid damage to the equipment and tools.

鈼?Processing speed up to 25m / min

鈼?High capacity vacuum pump.

鈼?Max. Working speed 25m/min.

鈼?Servo Motor with Speed Reducer.

鈼?Heavy Duty, durable and sturdy structure.

鈼?Centralized automatic oiling system for lubricating and maintenances.

鈼?Most cost effective CNC production line, manual feeding, auto aligning, cutting, nesting, drilling and grooving all-in-one machine, ideally used for wood door customized engraving, maximize the working efficiency for customized furniture.  

Application scope

鈼?Furniture: Panel furniture, office furniture, custom furniture, cabinets, wardrobes, wooden doors, nightstands, etc.

鈼?Wood products: audio, game cabinets, computer tables, musical instruments, etc.

鈼?Sheet metal processing: Insulation parts, plastic parts; PCB; EMU inner body; Anti-fold special board, epoxy resin, ABS, PP/PE and other carbonized mixtures.

鈼?Suitable for furniture, cabinet, wardrobe, office furniture, Single or multiple work pieces processing at the same time.

鈼?Moving gantry structure, economic and multiple functions, efficient CAD/CAM software interfacing.

Working size


Machine size


Repeat positioning accuracy


X/Y/Z structure

X/Y guide rail, Z guide screw

Maximum running speed


Maximum processing speed


Spindle power


Spindle speed


Operation mode

Servo motor

Working voltage


Run instruction

G code

Operating system

Optional Taiwan PC new generation system Sytech system/Weihong NC studio/KND

Net weight





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