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Side hole machines
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Side hole machine QHK-2500

鈼?CNC horizontal drilling is a new type of economical and practical horizontal drilling equipment for plate furniture, which is combined with a numerical control cutting machine to form a plate furniture production line, replacing the traditional sliding table saw and row drill. This machine can complete the production by scanning the code, do not need to find a special drill master, greatly reducing the labor costs. Two-dimensional code scanning labels can accurately and quickly import data, enabling rapid positioning of plates and completing the processing of holes on the side of plates. In addition, the open machine port can support and dock with all kinds of panel furniture production design software, truly intelligent production of panel furniture, high precision and speed. There are two ways to work with this device:

鈼?Scanning function: After fixing the workpiece, if the infrared scanning probe detects a vertical hole on the front surface, it will make a horizontal hole in the side position, and you can also adjust the position of the sawdust hole on the control side of the device.

鈼?Scan code function, this device can be docked with most of the open software, the device is equipped with a scan code gun, after scanning the code will be based on the settings to play horizontal hole and wood hole.

鈼?Best companion for CNC router, part of furniture production line, to replace traditional sliding table saw and line drilling.

鈼?Scanning feature: press on the workpieces, as long as the laser can detect the vertical holes done by CNC router, then this machine can conduct the side drilling accordingly, drilling position can be adjusted as well.

鈼?Scanning Code feature: conduct the drilling based on the drilling setting after scanning the code on label.

Equipment size length * width * height


Working thickness


Maximum machining length


Processing width m


Processing speed


Power specifications


Rated power


Net weight


Mesa type

Anti static PVC table

Repeat positioning accuracy


System resolution


Motor power


Drive motor

Taiwan imported servo motor


Taiwan rectangular guideway

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